Day 306 – Sunday, March 5

A few days of day care … and the next virus has Evan under control. We’re debating if he does it just so he can¬†stay home with mommy and daddy (who luckily have a pretty easy work schedule right now).

But that is over now too, and he enjoys new things like riding the swing at the playground, blabbering, eating pasta, waving – and just having fun with us.

Day 282 – Just some videos ..

We have a few exhausting weeks behind us .. more on that another time. For now, just a few recent videos:

Evan is (finally!) happy to eat some solids:


But eating can be sooooo tiring:


And here’s a special treat (in the emergency room at Stanford). Clearly he’s not quite sure what to make of it:


Day 243 – 263 – Sunday, January 1 to Saturday, January 21

A New Year¬†has begun … and we’re already well into January. A few recent milestones:

  • I have 7 teeth now
  • I slowly but surely start to like solid food. Ideally banana rice crackers, but rice and oat cereal work too
  • I’m still struggling with my skin issues … allergy testing is underway.
  • I crawl. And I crawl FAST! Ideally with¬†at least one toy in each hand.
  • I¬†would like to stand and walk (and I’m getting pretty good at standing, with support)
  • I am still not the best sleeper – neither during the day nor at night (“Yawn” from mommy and daddy)
  • I’m having a lot of fun at day care still


Updated with two recent videos:


Day 205 – Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!

No idea why Mommy dressed me up as little (fake) Swiss guy – but oh well .. I thoroughly enjoyed my two Thanksgiving Lunche?Linners/Dinners

Thank you, Jenny, Marc – and later James – for having us over.

To work off some calories Mommy and Daddy decided it would be wonderful to combine fresh air with some Black Friday shopping, so off we went to Stanford mall. Not too many good deals to be head Рwhich resulted in the parents getting a little bored and having crazy ideas:

Day 199 – Friday, November 18

Evan has a LOT of fun in Day Care …

Here’s a little impression from his latest art project:


And while Mommy & Daddy enjoyed some Sushi at their Friday date night, our little guy had some late night fun with his friends (thanks to the CCLC staff for the video):